Stage 2 Construction at Trim Road Park & Ride – l’Étape 2 du projet de train léger

Good Afternoon

As part of the Stage 2 East Extension project, utility and park & ride lot relocation construction work is beginning at Trim Station. Over the last few months you may have noticed ongoing preparatory works such as tree removals and relocations, as well geotechnical investigations.

Now that construction is beginning, we’ve prepared the attached public notice with added details that you would be able to distribute to your membership as appropriate. The information will also be shared via the Stage 2 Project e-newsletter (to those who signed-up and indicated interest in Trim Station). The public is encouraged to sign up for these project updates via and clicking on ‘Connect with us.’

Work is also moving ahead elsewhere along the east alignment, as shared in the Stage 2 Confederation Line East Extension Spring 2020 Update.

Public Notice 011E – Trim Park and Ride – EN FR

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

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