CCCA Position on Roundabouts

CCCA Board of Directors Resolution

Whereas the City of Ottawa is proposing 5 roundabouts as part of the Trim Road re-alignment.

Whereas the traffic volumes on Trim road are higher than what was originally projected.

Whereas Trim Road has exceeded the capacity as outlined in the City of Ottawa Master Transportation Plan.

Whereas there is 3000 homes east of Trim Road who must safely and securely cross Trim road daily to access their local institutions and services.

Be it resolved that the CCCA Board of Directors supports the proposed roundabouts at the following 3 locations:

1. Trim/Taylor Creek
2. Trim/Montreal Rd (St-Joseph)
3. Innes/Frank Kenny

Be it further resolved that the CCCA Board of Directors will support the 2 proposed roundabouts within the residential area (Trim / Springridge & Portobello, and Trim / & Frank Kenny (Old) Trim) if the following conditions are met:

1-      A Hawk and Pelican signalized pedestrian crossing
2-      Lowering of speed limits to 30 km/hour at the roundabouts
3-      Elevated middle island
4-      Splitter islands
5-      A yield line

We believe that this proposal will address safety concerns and will alleviate traffic backing onto Highway 174. It will improve access in and out of the Trim road Park & Ride, it will lead to better traffic flow along Trim road and finally, it will allow citizens to safely and securely cross Trim road. It will also maximize use of the City of Ottawa financial resources as existing traffic lights will be utilized at two locations.

Dated: November 22, 2011 at 9:40 pm , Orleans

Sean Crossan
President, CCCA

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