Royal Ridge Park

Located at 300 Antigonish Ave, this park was officially opened July 31st, 2014. The following was published in the Orleans Star: (

New park success

The new park is located at 300 Antigonish Ave. Photo TC Media-Kelly Snider

By Kelly Snider

DEVELOPMENT. Down the road, just off Antigonish Ave. you’ll find a sparkling new play structure that is ready to be climbed on.

The Royal Ridge Park is officially opened, and the Cardinal Creek Community Association (CCCA) couldn’t be more pleased with how quickly it was able to be finished.

“I’m glad it is open a year ahead of schedule,” said Martin d’Anjou, President of the CCCA. “This shows that when we work together, we can accomplish great things in the community.”

This park features a play structure with slides, musical instruments, climbing areas, and a separate picnic area. As well, any area will be flooded for an outdoor rink for the winter season, and there will also be a sliding hill.

One of the most spectacular pieces of it all is an accessible swing, which was made possible by Orléans Councillor Bob Monette.

“Bob donated $20,000, which is almost 10% of the value of the park, so you cannot ask for more,” said d’Anjou.

Councillor Monette said something was desperately needed in this location, and the end result was one of the nicest parks in the community.

“Kids needed a place to play,” said Monette. “Working with the CCCA we were able to move it forward, and ended up with a great location. This was also designated to be park land.”

Another aspect of the park is it is situated in a shaded area, which is beneficial for those families hanging out at the park on a hot sunny day.

d’Anjou said one of the important accomplishments was getting a park done, while the kids in the community are still young.

The structure, along with the specialized swing. Photo TC Media-Kelly Snider

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