Mailing list policy

The Cardinal Creek Community Association operates one public mailing list:

  1. ccca-announce: important messages from the community association officials


  1. List membership is restricted to the residents of the Cardinal Creek area.
  2. Subscription is automatic when you sign in the sheet at the public meetings with your email address. Please let us know if you do not wish to be added to the list at that time.
  3. Residents can also sign up on-line to become a member the mailing lists. As part of the registration process, we will need to confirm that you reside in the area of the Cardinal Creek Community Association.
  4. Exceptionally, the CCCA board of directors can allow non-residents can become list members, if it is in the interest of the residents of the community.
  5. List members can unsubscribe themselves anytime they want by visiting the mailing list web interface (enter your email and password, then click unsubscribe).
  6. Members can also chose to receive DIGESTS instead of individual emails. This will reduce the number of emails in your inbox. To enable digests, visit your membership page, logon to it and look for the “digest” option.
  7. We do not share the list of members with anyone at anytime, in whole or in part, including with the members themselves.

Sending messages to the members

ccca-announce: only CCCA officials and some members are allowed to post to the ccca-announce mailing list, as this list is for important messages only (e.g. public meeting notifications).

List Etiquette

  1. Do nothing that breaks the law.
  2. Unsollicited self-promotion, commercial advertisement and spam will not be tolerated.
    This list is NOT for selling, buying, offering, giving, or discussing goods and services. There are plenty of lists like that on the internet, like freecycle and others.
  3. Use HTML only when necessary. Plain text is prefered.
  4. Attachments: minimize their size attachments. If you want to share a document, it is better to post a plain text URL to its location.
  5. Read your post before you send it: the archives are public and can be read by the entire world. Remember that those email addresses out there belong to real people with feelings and their own tendency toward knee-jerk reactions. Take your time to compose well written messages, and avoid personally attacking the people behind the addresses. They will respect you and do the same.
  6. Things are simple: the CCCA officials do not have time to police or moderate a mailing list. The administrator maintains this service on his/her own time, for your benefit. If you abuse the service, you abuse the administrator and the community. The CCCA has no obligation to keep this service running. The administrator is a volunteer.

List policy

The ccca-announce list has some special rules that subscribers must follow. These rules are in place to keep the list useful to everyone.

  1. Purpose
    1. This is a list for moderated announcements of community interest related topics.
  2. The purpose of this list is to foster an environment similar to the spirit of community activities like the tree planting event, and the spring clean up event.
  3. Policy
    1. Off-topic posts are disallowed (See section 4. Topics).
      1. If this is the first or second offence, a warning from the list administrator will be sent to the offending party via private email.
      2. If this is the third offence, the offending party’s messages to the list will be moderator-approved for a period of fifteen (15) days. This may result in a delay between the time a message is sent to the time it appears on the list.
    2. Messages containing personal attacks or derogatory language are disallowed.
      1. If this is the first offence, a warning via private e-mail will be sent to the offending party.
      2. If this is the second offence, the offending party will be unsubscribed from the list for a period of thirty (30) days.
      3. If this is a third offence, the offending party will be unsubscribed from the list for a period of one (1) year.
    3. All decisions made by the list administrator concerning points 3.A and 3.B can be appealed to the CCCA board of directors. (See 5.C).
  4. Topics
    1. A message is considered on-topic if it directly concerns non-profit community-building related activities in the Cardinal Creek Area.
  5. The list administrator
    1. The list administrator may only remove list users based on the stated criteria and procedures (see 3. Policy).
    2. The list administrator is appointed by the board of directors.
    3. Complaints with the list administrator may be presented to the board, with all complaints and consequent board decisions be made public in the board’s meeting minutes.

Examples of proper use

  1. The Cassia park community ice rink needs shovelling we need residents to help out.
  2. Public service announcements of public meeting, AGM, etc.

Questions related to traffic, streets, bylaw enforcement, development, etc. should be directed to the City of Ottawa: simply phone 3-1-1.

Remember: this website and the mailing list are operated by unpaid volunteers. We have no legal obligation to keep them running. We do this out of the goodness of our hearts.

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