We need your help on bicycle-related issues in your community.

To whom it may concern,

We need your help on bicycle-related issues in your community.
I am contacting your community association on behalf of the Citizens for Safe Cycling (CfSC) and its Advocacy Working Group (AWG). Among its many duties, the CfSC advises the City of Ottawa on bicycle safety, bicycle infrastructure, bike route planning, and associated issues. We are looking for the name of an individual (or individuals) within your community association, or friends of the association, who bicycle frequently in your area. This person would have two responsibilities:

  1. If the AWG is reviewing planned bike paths or road changes in your neighbourhood, we would contact your representative for local knowledge: who uses those routes, what are the alternatives, how does the community feel about the proposals, etc., and
  2. If your community is looking for advice on bicycle infrastructure or has concerns about bicycle safety, then we could get you in touch with the appropriate expert at CfSC.
Many associations have a “Traffic” or “Transportation” representative. This person’s coordinates could be useful to us, but we are seeking someone who is passionate about cycling in your neighbourhood. This may or may not be the transportation rep.
It is a great job. There are no meetings, no monthly emails, no standing requirements for this person. If the community needs help, or can provide help on an issue, then contact will be made. Most years, in most communities, there will be little need of such contact.
Please have your bicycle representative contact me directly at: donfugler@gmail.com. A phone number would be helpful as well.
Thank you for your consideration.
Don Fugler

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