LRT Phase 2 Update – Nov 2019 – Train Léger Phase 2

We received the following information regarding phase 2 of the LRT. There are two messages, scroll down to see both.

Hello Stakeholders

Many of you have likely observed crews completing Stage 2 preparatory works along the East Extension corridor, at Ottawa Road 174. Kiewit-Eurovia-Vinci have completed significant geotechnical investigations via borehole drilling. They continue to remove some trees and vegetation (only what is required for construction) on both the north and south sides of OR 174. They have also begun the slight relocation of highway ramps and lanes at the Montreal Road Interchange, most of which will occur during overnight hours as not to impact vehicular traffic during peak hours. These activities are all required to begin station and guideway construction next year. For the time being, such construction activities will be listed at the following page as they get underway:

Additionally, conceptual renderings for new LRT stations are available at this page: by clicking on each station. Please note these renderings do not represent final configuration and design, and updated images are expected at a later time.

As previously advised, I’m available should your group have specific or general questions about East Extension rail construction.

Have a nice day.

Alison Lynch | Stakeholder Relations | Relation avec les intervenants
Rail Construction Program | Programme de construction du rail
Transportation Services Department | Direction générale des transports
City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa
tel: 613-580-2424 x17950 | 613-808-8482 | |

Good Afternoon

I’m writing as your community group or organization has been identified as a stakeholder to the Stage 2 Confederation Line East Extension project. The City is committed to keeping you informed as construction details become available.

Working with our project contractor East-West Connectors (EWC), we’ve prepared a public notice detailing early works currently planned throughout 2019. It is attached for your review/distribution, noting it is to be mail dropped via Canada Post to homes along the planned rail alignment between Blair and Trim.

The City has an interactive map that allows you explore Stage 2 alignments. It can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Copy + Paste the following link into a new browser:
  2. When open, select “More layers” on the top right corner
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the pop up window
  4. Select  “Rail Implementation Office”

To learn more about the project, please visit I will remain available as a point of contact to answer your LRT-related questions, or join you at community meetings with a project update. If you have been contacted in error, please let me know so I can adjust this contact list.

Thank you.

Alison Lynch | Stakeholder Relations | Relation avec les intervenants
Rail Construction Program | Programme de construction du rail
Transportation Services Department | Direction générale des transports
City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa
tel: 613-580-2424 x17950 | 613-808-8482 | |

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Board of Director 2015

The following is the list of the Executive, Directors and Supporting Volunteer positions for 2015. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help make your community a better place, we are always looking for active volunteers to assist the association.

Class ‘A’ Directors:

Sean Crossan ­ President

Sandra Stefanik ­ Vice­President

Naim Ghawi ­ Treasurer

Viresh Asokan ­ Secretary


Class ‘B’ Directors

Iris Gov, Student and Volunteer Outreach



Genevieve Gainery – Springridge/Royal Ridge Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

Kenny Jammer ­ East Village Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator



Ice rinks managers

Cardinal Creek Rink of Dreams: Dallas Dunne –
Royal Ridge Puddle Rink: Cory Allen –

Cassia Park: Bupendra Patel –
Glandriel Park: Marc Paquette –

Students looking for volunteer hours should contact the above mentioned ice rink managers.

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CCCA Board of Directors 2019-2020

Voting members Class A directors:

  • President: Sandra Stefanik
  • Vice-president: Francois Hacault
  • Secretary: Sandra Khawam Ghawi
  • Treasurer: Naim Ghawi

Non-voting members Class B directors:

  • Webmaster: Martin d’Anjou (interim)
  • Neighborhood Watch: Genevieve Gainery

Past board of directors

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Information sessions for seniors – Oct 28 and Nov 4 (english and français)

Rothwell United Church, in collaboration with the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, has organized two presentations geared to seniors needs – on October 28 and November 4. The presentations will be made by specialists. Each presentation will be followed by a question period, then by refreshments. The general public is cordially invited to attend, free of charge.

Attached are posters in pdf format designed to publicize the event, in English and French. We would be very grateful if you could publicize this event to your membership through any channels available to you.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

SeniorsPoster Francais


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Geoheritage Day Sept 28, 10am to 3pm – Patrimoine Géologique

Geoheritage Day at the Cardinal Creek Karst – Saturday, September 28 2019, from 10:00am to 3:00pm

The CCCA is pleased to partner with Carleton University Earth Sciences Department and the Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Project to present the 11th Annual Geoheritage Day event at the Cardinal Creek Karst on Saturday, September 28 from 10 am to 3 pm. Knowledgeable volunteers will be on site to explain the interesting geological features of the Cardinal Creek Karst, an underground cave system that exists in our own neighbourhood!

There will be 7 other sites across Ottawa and Gatineau highlighting fascinating geological features in those areas.

Please join us on Saturday, September 28 at the opening of the Karst at the eastern-most end of Watters Road, just after the bridge where the pavement turns to a pebbled road.

If you have any questions, please email

Check out the Karst on our website at and come meet us.

L’ACCC est heureuse de s’associer au Département des sciences de la Terre de l’Université Carleton et au Projet de géopatrimoine d’Ottawa-Gatineau pour présenter la 11e Journée annuelle du patrimoine géologique au Cardinal Creek Karst, le samedi 28 septembre, de 10h à 15h. Des bénévoles bien informés seront sur place pour expliquer les caractéristiques géologiques intéressantes du karst de Cardinal Creek, un réseau de grottes souterraines qui existe dans notre propre quartier !

Il y aura 7 autres sites à travers Ottawa et Gatineau qui mettront en valeur les caractéristiques géologiques fascinantes de ces régions pour cet événement.

Veuillez vous joindre à nous le samedi 28 septembre à l’ouverture du Karst à l’extrémité est du chemin Watters, juste après le pont où le trottoir se transforme en une route de gravier.

Si vous avez des questions, veuillez envoyer un courriel à

Jetez un coup d’œil au Karst sur notre site Web à et venez nous rencontrer!

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LRT Stage 2 update – Train Léger Phase 2

Following is an update from Councillor Matt Luloff on LRT stage 2:

This morning, I received an update on the Stage 2 LRT work in progress. As the new Jeanne d’Arc LRT station includes a redesign of the Jeanne d’Arc overpass, I’ve issued the following direction to staff:

Given that a fatal collision occurred on the slip lane and that the redesigned intersection will provide enhanced safety for pedestrians and those accessing transit on the bridge; would staff assess the prioritization of the improvements to the Jeanne d’Arc / 174 Overpass as part of the LRT Stage 2 construction with a view to beginning these improvements in spring 2020.

Orléans bénéficiera de 4 nouvelles stations du train léger dans la Phase 2. Je continue de travailler en étroite collaboration avec le personnel responsable pour assurer que le projet réponde au besoin de notre communauté.

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Round About Pedestrian Crossing Trim Road / Passage piétonier aux rond-points sur le chemin Trim

The roundabouts on Trim Road are getting signalled pedestrian crossings on August 21. Les rond-points du chemin Trim auront des passages piétonniers dès le 21 août.

Continue reading

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Movie in the Park and Tree Planting Aug 31 – Cinema au Parc et Plantons des Arbres 31 aout

Tree Planting & Movie Night in the Park Aug 31!!

This year’s CCCA annual tree-planting event will be in combination with our Movie Night in the Park!  We will be partnering with Ecology Ottawa and providing saplings to residents to take home and plant in their yards.

Ecology Ottawa’s vision is to make Ottawa the GREEN capital of Canada. Their tree giveaway program is one way that they contribute to the re-greening of Ottawa communities, and this summer they are giving away 12,000 native tree seedlings. This program originally started in response to the emerald ash borer crisis in the early 2000s, which, combined with the effects of climate change, threaten Ottawa’s urban and rural tree canopy. One tree at a time, our hope is to get trees into the hands of communities for a greener future!

So whether you just want a tree for your yard or want to stay and watch the movie, drop by and visit us with Ecology Ottawa.

Tree Give-Away:  7 p.m.
Movie:  8:15 p.m.

Cardinal Creek Community Park
1825 Trim Road
Orleans (Cardinal Creek)

Please bring donations for the Orleans food bank

Plantons des arbres et Cinema au Parc le 31 aout!

Cette année nous combinons environnement et soirée cinéma! En partenariat avec Écologie Ottawa, lors de la soirée cinéma nous distribuerons des jeunes pousses d’arbres que vous pourrez planter dans votre cours.

La vision d’Écologie Ottawa est de faire de notre ville la capitale VERTE du Canada! Le programme  d’Écologie Ottawa est de reverdir nos communautés, et cet été ils donnent 12,000 pousses d’arbres pour nous aider à y parvenir. Ce programma a débuté avec la crise de l’agrile du chene au début des années 2000, qui combinée avec les changements climatiques, a affecté la foret urbaine et rurale d’Ottawa. Un arbre à la fois, les communautés peuvent reverdir leur entourage.

Nous vous invitons donc a vernir chercher une pousse d’arbre, rencontrer Écologie Ottawa, et assister à la projection d’un film dans le parc:

Distribution d’arbres:  7 p.m.
Projection:  8:15 p.m.

Pacr Communautaire Cardinal Creek
1825 Chemin Trim
Orléans (Cardinal Creek)

Prière d’apportez un don pour la banque alimentaire d’Orléans.

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Community Police Officer Information for Community Associations on theft from vehicles

A reminder from the Ottawa Police… (le français suit)

Make the right call…online or over the phone.
Please be aware of your options when reporting crimes or incidents to the Ottawa Police.

Un rappel du Service de Police d’Ottawa…

Faites un appel au bon endroit… en-ligne ou par téléphone.
Soyez au faits de vos options lorsque vous rapportez un crime ou un incident à la police d’Ottawa

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Coyote Trail Park updates

This is the update we received from the the office of Councillor Matthew Luloff :

Our office received an update from the Parks department about Coyote Trail park this week and we wanted to share it with you to make sure that everyone is on the same page. The city parks department has consulted with ISD Design & Construction on the scope and timelines of the work to be completed this week at Coyote Trail Park.

The contractor was on site today and they will be on site until June 28th to address the following deficiencies in the park:

  1. Adjust the tactile warning surface indicators to prevent pooling of water on the pathways
  2. Redo the pickleball lines on the tennis court with proper layout and dimensions, using yellow line paint
  3. Grade around hydro poles (these areas were fenced off during construction and need to tie into the site better)
  4. Additional seeding over the entire park (contractor has an obligation to maintain the grass for a full year to ensure establishment)
  5. Correct drainage issues at two locations:
  6. On the pathway between the gazebo and the dog park
  7. A low wet spot at the back fitness area, which may have to be completed a little later as landscape drains and drain tile may have to be installed.
  8. Adjust fencing and concrete fence post bases around tennis courts
  9. Replace all planted trees that did not survive the winter
  10. Repair flaking on the shade structure concrete pads, following recommendations from our concrete experts.

The Parks department provided some answers for common questions that we have been receiving and we thought that it would be a good idea to provide them to you for reference, in case you receive similar questions going forward.

Q:  What did the original contract stipulate was to be done to the land – seed or sod?  

A:  The contract called for seeding over the majority of the park, with a strip of sod along pathways and hard surface areas.  The contractor will be over seeding next week.  Note that over seeding had to wait until the site dried up, to prevent damaging the turf.

Q:  Why is it an issue for the dog park when the grass outside the park is in the exact same shape – sodded at the path and seeded in the middle. Residents are playing there with their dogs? Isn’t result the same? 

A:  The enclosed dog park area will be subject to much more intensive use from human and animal foot/paw traffic than the balance of the park area and must be allowed the time to establish good turf before opening to the public

Q:  We have noticed pooling of water on pathways and grass,  Does this need to be remedied?  Is it poor grading?

A:  As noted above, these deficiencies will be corrected with a new sub-surface drainage solution.  The entire park site is currently surface drained on solid heavy clay, so it is a challenge to grade it with surface drainage only.

Q:  There appears to be wild parsnip in the dog park. Can it be investigated?

A:  The entire site was covered with wild parsnip before construction started.  It was removed during construction, however it will be an ongoing challenge to keep the parsnip from re-establishing in the park as the seeds spread from the surrounding areas.  The contractor is obligated to mow the grass in the park regularly to allow the turf to establish and control the growth of wild parsnip, until the City takes over maintenance of the park.

Q:  Why is there no garbage near the park for users to dispose of anything?  This will result in owners not picking up after their pets. Also there is a lack of containers leading to the park is resulting in dog poop on the ground already. 

A:  There are two waste receptacles located at the pathway entrances at the vehicle turnaround.  The location of the receptacles was recommended by Park Operations during the design phase of the project.  The park is too large to have additional permanent trash receptacles in the interior, which would be difficult to monitor and service.  Park users will have to carry their waste to deposit into the receptacles as they exit the park.  Park Operations may wish to consider adding additional seasonal waste drums to the park during peak use periods (spring through fall).

Q:  The sign the City appears to have proudly displayed indicating a $1.8 M investment in the park is laying on the ground leading to the park like a large piece of trash.  Can we remove it or re-install it?

A:  This sign was a condition of the Federal Infrastructure grant for the project and was required to be displayed during construction.  It will be removed by the contractor when he re-mobilizes on site next week..

Q:  Lines in tennis court (and Pickleball) have been painted incorrectly. Can we fix them?

A:  Yes, as noted in the deficiency list above, the pickle ball lines will be repainted to meet City standard court dimensions and layout.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office.

Kind regards,
Peter MacDonald

Office of Councillor Matthew Luloff | Bureau du Conseiller Matthew Luloff

Quartier Orléans Ward 1
613-580-2471 Ext. 12854

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