Thefts of high end Lexus and Toyota vehicles / Vols de véhicules haut de game Lexus et Toyota

The article is dated October 1st 2020, but the Ottawa Police continues to see an increase in the East end of Ottawa.

Do continue to follow good practices and report, see below for details.

Executive Services
Services de direction
474, rue Elgin Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel./tél. 613-236-1222
Fax:  613-760-8064

RELEASED: Thursday, October 1, 2020  2:15pm

Reminder: Important tips to protect your vehicle from car thieves

(Ottawa) –The Ottawa Police reminds the community that the risk of thefts, and repeat thefts, of high-end Lexus and Toyota vehicles in Ottawa is still very present, particularly with larger SUVs, RX350, 4 Runner and Highlander. There have been 11 luxury vehicle thefts in the past week.

We remind car owners of the following tips to protect their vehicle:
•       Make your vehicle less vulnerable to theft by parking it in a locked garage and or by blocking it in tightly with a second vehicle. Exterior lighting and video surveillance around the driveway can also serve as a deterrent.
•       Consider installing an after marker electronic immobilizer devices which can interfere with the starting of the vehicle.
•       Be vigilant that there is no damage to the door locks mechanisms as this could be an indicator that your car has been targeted.
•       Consider protecting your vehicle with devices such as car alarms or steering wheel locking devices such as “The Club”.
•       GPS tracking devices have become increasingly popular. Some even allow the vehicle owner to electronically “fence-in” their vehicle whereby an alarm cue would occur if the vehicle were to leave the fenced-in area without authorization.
•       Locks to restrict access to the on-board diagnostic plug exist and when applied can impede a thief from re-programming a key.
•       If you are selling your vehicle, be wary not to let anyone have access to your car keys and do not let your vehicle out of your sight. This prevents a thief from copying your key during a “test drive” so they can return to steal it.
•       Finally, good old fashioned neighbourhood watch is a great deterrent. Be vigilant and call 911 to report any suspicious vehicles in your neighbourhood.  Most thefts occur between midnight and 5am in the morning.

Investigators have not yet seen the use of signal amplifiers in Ottawa. In the event that this technology makes its way to Ottawa, a simple line of defense is to consider keeping any vehicle with a proximity key fob inside a radio frequency shield device (RFS device).  This will prevent the key fob’s signal from being amplified to the vehicle from inside the house protecting it from being driven away.

More safety tips<> are available online.
– 30 –

Media Relations Section
Tel: 613-236-1222, ext. 5366

POUR DIFFUSION IMMÉDIATE : Le jeudi 1er octobre 2020, 14 h 15

Rappel : nos conseils pour éviter les vols organisés de véhicules

Ottawa – La Police d’Ottawa rappelle à la collectivité que le risque de vol et de vol à répétition de véhicules haut de gamme Lexus et Toyota demeure toujours fort élevé à Ottawa, surtout en ce qui concerne les plus gros VUS, notamment les RX350, 4Runner et Highlander. Onze vols de véhicules de luxe ont eu lieu au cours de la dernière semaine.

Tenez compte des conseils suivants pour protéger votre véhicule :
•       Réduisez la vulnérabilité de votre véhicule face au vol en le stationnant dans un garage verrouillé ou en y bloquant l’accès à l’aide d’un second véhicule. Un éclairage extérieur ainsi qu’une camera de surveillance dans votre stationnement peut dissuader les voleurs
•       Envisagez l’installation d’un dispositif antivol après-vente qui peut prévenir le démarrage du véhicule.
•       Soyez vigilants que personne n’ait endommagé les mécanismes de verrouillage des portières, car cela est un signe que votre véhicule a été ciblé.
•       Envisagez l’installation d‘une alarme ou une barre de sécurité sur le volant.
•       Les appareils de suivi par GPS connaissent une popularité grandissante. Certains d’entre eux permettent même au propriétaire du véhicule d’établir une « clôture » électronique autour du véhicule, donnant l’alarme si le véhicule devait quitter la zone délimitée sans y être autorisé.
•       Il existe des serrures limitant l’accès à la prise diagnostic de bord; mises en œuvre, elles peuvent empêcher un voleur de reprogrammer une clé.
•       Si vous vendez votre véhicule, assurez-vous de ne laisser personne avoir accès à vos clés du véhicule ou de laisser votre véhicule hors de portée. Cela empêche un voleur de copier votre clé durant un « essai routier » pour revenir et voler le véhicule.
•       Enfin, une bonne vieille surveillance de quartier est un excellent facteur de dissuasion. Composez le 911 pour signaler toute activité suspecte; soyez vigilants. La plupart des vols de véhicules ont lieux entre minuit et 5heure du matin.

Nos enquêteurs n’ont pas encore constaté la présence de la technique d’amplification de signal à Ottawa. Au cas ou cette technologie deviendrait présente à Ottawa, nous vous proposons une ligne de défense toute simple pour protéger votre véhicule, soit l’usage d’un dispositif de blocage de radiofréquences à l’intérieur avec le porte-clés de tout véhicule muni d’une clé de proximité. Cela bloquera l’amplification du signal du porte-clés à partir de l’intérieur de la maison, empêchant que l’on s’empare du véhicule.

De plus amples conseils de sécurité<> se trouvent en ligne.

– 30 –
Contact :
Relations avec les médias
Tél. : 613-236-1222, poste 5366

Phone Crime Stoppers toll-free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).
Contactez Échec au crime sans frais au 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Constable Marc Leroux | Community Police Officer |<>
Community and Safety Services
Ottawa Police Service
613.236.1222, ext 3575 | P.O. Box 9634, Station T, Ottawa, ON  K1G 6H5

Make The Right Call:

Life-threatening emergency or crime in progress: 9-1-1
Telephone report: 613-236-1222  ext. 7300

Online Reporting: :
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Ottawa – Trick-or-treating not recommended

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Vera Etches is recommending children and parents not go trick-or-treating this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s keep Ottawa and Cardinal Creek safe!

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Orleans Covid Testing Center Information

The following is an update from the Office of Councillor Luloff, City of Ottawa.

Hello everyone,

I am emailing this afternoon to provide you with some information from our office regarding the Covid-19 Testing Center that will be opening at the Ray Friel Center in Orleans.

Having worked alongside the Montfort Hospital, Ottawa Public Health and City Staff for the last few weeks securing a site suitable for testing in Orléans, the separation of public accessing recreation centre, school and those being tested is a priority consideration for the project team.

Great progress is already happening on the project since the announcement on September 21st 2020. Here is what we know:

  • Rink 3 of the Ray Friel Rec Complex will become the COVID Testing Centre managed and operated by Hôpital Montfort.
  • This location was chosen after evaluating several sites in Orléans based on a number of criteria, such as the need for a safe environment, the size of the available space, the accessibility of the site for people with reduced mobility, the proximity of public transit services, free parking, the scope of the redevelopment work required, rental costs, etc.
  • A new door will be added to the Ray-Friel Recreation Complex to allow people who come to the clinic to enter and leave without any contact with people using the other services of the recreation complex, which will remain open. The access to the rest of the complex will be blocked off for patients of the clinic. Even the ventilation system for this skating rink will be independent and completely separate from the rest of the complex.
  • Construction has already started
  • Adults and children as young as six months of age will be able to receive care and be tested for COVID-19
  • The site will be operated by staff and physicians from Montfort, as well as primary care physicians.
  • City of Ottawa Traffic experts, overseen by the Montfort Hospital project team, will evaluate and review traffic flow and patterns to recommend optimal, safe access.

Recommendations for testing include:

  • Symptomatic persons:

o   Anyone showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Asymptomatic (not showing symptoms) persons with close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 positive case:

o   No earlier than 5 days after initial close contact* with a confirmed case.

o   Timing of testing is important as a person may be incubating (the time it takes for the disease to develop) and COVID-19 may not show on the test result if tested too early.

o   Even if after waiting 5 days to be tested the result is negative, it remains important to self-isolate and monitor for symptoms for 14 days from exposure to the confirmed case. You will be helping to protect others because COVID-19 can develop up to 14 days after exposure even if you receive a negative test result.

For more details please refer to the Ottawa Public Health website:

More details will follow on the planned opening in October, including hours of operations. The objective is to ensure minimal disruption to the school, recreation complex and library. We will use every channel available to support Hôpital Montfort’s communication plan related to the testing site in Orléans.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

Thank you and have a great day.

Scott Norris
Office of Councillor Matthew Luloff | Bureau du Conseiller Matthew Luloff
Quarrier Orléans Ward 1

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Au plaisir de vous aider en français

COVID-19: Get the latest information from Ottawa Public Health | Obtenez les dernières informations de Santé publique Ottawa

This e-mail originates from the City of Ottawa e-mail system. Any distribution, use or copying of this e-mail or the information it contains by other than the intended recipient(s) is unauthorized. Thank you.

Le présent courriel a été expédié par le système de courriels de la Ville d’Ottawa. Toute distribution, utilisation ou reproduction du courriel ou des renseignements qui s’y trouvent par une personne autre que son destinataire prévu est interdite. Je vous remercie de votre collaboration.

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Notice of public meeting on June 24th/ Avis de réunion publique le 24 juin – 2065 Portobello Boulevard / 2065, boulevard Portobello

Notice of public meeting / Avis de réunion publique – 2065 Portobello Boulevard / 2065, boulevard Portobello – Plan of Subdivision / Plan de lotissement – D07-16-19-0030

This notice is to advise that the City of Ottawa will hold a Public Meeting on Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 at 6:00 pm through Zoom (video conferencing) to discuss a proposed plan of subdivision. The proposed subdivision applies to the property at 2065 Portobello Boulevard. For more see below:

Provence Phase 6 Regional Group REVISED BILL 108 Notice of Public Meeting

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Stage 2 Construction at Trim Road Park & Ride – l’Étape 2 du projet de train léger

Good Afternoon

As part of the Stage 2 East Extension project, utility and park & ride lot relocation construction work is beginning at Trim Station. Over the last few months you may have noticed ongoing preparatory works such as tree removals and relocations, as well geotechnical investigations.

Now that construction is beginning, we’ve prepared the attached public notice with added details that you would be able to distribute to your membership as appropriate. The information will also be shared via the Stage 2 Project e-newsletter (to those who signed-up and indicated interest in Trim Station). The public is encouraged to sign up for these project updates via and clicking on ‘Connect with us.’

Work is also moving ahead elsewhere along the east alignment, as shared in the Stage 2 Confederation Line East Extension Spring 2020 Update.

Public Notice 011E – Trim Park and Ride – EN FR

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Alison Lynch | Stakeholder Relations | Relation avec les intervenants
Rail Construction Program | Programme de construction du rail
Transportation Services Department | Direction générale des transports

City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa
613-580-2424 x17950 | 613-808-8482 |

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Summer and risk of theft in vehicles – L’été arrive ainsi que le risque de vol dans les véhicules

A message from the Ottawa Police. Le français suit.

Learn how to reduce the risk of Thefts in Vehicles, just in time for summer!

(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service would like to remind the public that, with summer weather just around the corner, so is the risk of theft from vehicles. Residents are reminded to remove anything of value from their vehicle.

“Thieves typically look for an unlocked or locked vehicle showing valuables, and once they gain entry, they go through the entire car, including the trunk,” said Cst. Stephanie Lemieux, Centretown Community Police Officer.  “It isn’t enough to hide items in the console or under the car seats because the thieves are just that thorough.”

In the event you notice someone acting suspicious around parked vehicles or if you see someone trying car doors – please call police and report it. Make the right call<>. “Even if your car is broken into and nothing is taken, it still needs to be reported to police,” added Cst. Lemieux.

Find out more on how to reduce the risk of being the victim of a theft from vehicle with our Safety and Crime Prevention Programs on our website at<>, or contact your local community police officer<> for more information. Download an AVR (All Valuables Removed<>) card to display in your parked vehicle.

The cards are displayed by vehicle owners on the inside of the driver’s side window to display the message, “All Valuables Removed” – letting would-be-thieves know not to bother searching the vehicle and alerting others to take the same precautions.
Anyone with information regarding a theft from a vehicle or any other crime is asked to call the Police Reporting Unit at 613-236-1222, extension 7300.

Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling Crime Stoppers, toll-free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or by downloading the Ottawa Police app.
– 30 –

Media Relations Section
Tel: 613-236-1222, ext. 5366

POUR DIFFUSION IMMÉDIATE : le mercredi 6 mai 2020, 14 h 42

Réduisez au minimum la possibilité du vol dans votre voiture, avant l’été’!

Ottawa — Le Service de police d’Ottawa tient à rappeler à la population qu’avec la chaleur de l’été à nos portes, nous revient un risque accru de vols dans les véhicules. Il est ainsi conseillé aux résidents de retirer de leurs véhicules les articles auxquels ils tiennent.

« Habituellement, les voleurs recherchent un véhicule verrouillé où non verrouillé ayant des objets de valeur visibles, et lorsqu’ils s’y introduisent, ils fouillent l’auto de fond en comble, y compris le coffre, » indique Stéphanie Lemieux, agente de police communautaire du centre-ville. « Il ne suffit pas de dissimuler ses objets dans la console ou sous les sièges, puisque les voleurs sont vraiment minutieux. »

Si jamais vous remarquez quelqu’un agissant de manière suspecte aux alentours de véhicules garés, ou si vous voyez quelqu’un tester les portières de voitures – appelez la police et signalez-le. Faites appel au bon endroit<>. « Et si des malfaiteurs s’introduisent dans votre voiture sans rien emporter, l’incident doit quand même être signalé aux autorités, » ajoute l’agente Lemieux.

Renseignez-vous pour savoir comment amoindrir le risque d’être victime de vol dans votre véhicule par la voie des programmes de sûreté et prévention du crime proposés sur notre site web, le<>, ou prenez contact avec l’agent de police communautaire<> de votre quartier pour plus de détails. Téléchargez un carton OVR (Objets de valeur retirés<>) pour l’afficher dans votre véhicule garé.

Les propriétaires de véhicules peuvent apposer le carton d’avertissement à l’intérieur de la vitre du côté du conducteur pour afficher le message, « Objets de valeur retirés » – indiquant aux voleurs potentiels que ce n’est pas la peine de fouiller le véhicule, tout en invitant leurs concitoyens à adopter les mêmes précautions.

Toute personne ayant des renseignements portant sur un vol dans un véhicule, ou tout autre crime, est priée de communiquer avec l’Unité du signalement à la police en faisant le 613-236-1222, poste 7300.

Vous pouvez fournir anonymement des renseignements par la voie d’Échec au crime en composant sans frais le 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) ou en téléchargeant gratuitement l’appli de la Police d’Ottawa.

– 30 –

Contact :
Relations avec les médias
Téléphone : 613-236-1222, poste 5366

Phone Crime Stoppers toll-free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).
Contactez Échec au crime sans frais au 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)

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Newsletter from Concillor Luloff – Bulletin du Conseiller Luloff

Councillor Luloff sent this newsletter. Topics include public engagement opportunity- an open house on The Orléans Corridor Secondary Plan Study- and updates on East End District Skate Park, Solid Waste Master Plan, Paint it Up!, and French Recreation Programs.

Le bulletin du Conseiller Luloff est aussi disponible en français.

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Emergency Preparedness Conference – Conférence sur les situations d’urgence

The Emergency Preparedness Conference for all the residents of Orléans will be held on February 25, 2020 at the Béatrice-Desloges Secondary Catholic School , 1999 Provence Ave. from 6 to 9 pm.
The conference is open to everyone. Please note that there will be a separate French and English session.

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Crime prevention 2020 – Prévention du crime 2020

The CCCA received the following:

 ***Le texte français suit**

Announcing our plans for 2020

The CPO Board of Directors approved CPO’s 2020 Operational Plan at its January meeting.

We will continue our work to make Ottawa a safer city by focusing on our three priority areas: gender-based violence, neighbourhoods, and youth. Our planned activities include:

–        Managing the Ottawa Street Violence and Gang Strategy and delivering on current programming and the new recommendations.

–        Working to support our newly funded neighbourhood projects in Overbrook and downtown

–        Preventing sexual assault and gender violence through partnership based initiatives.

–        Sharing information and research through our speaker series, website and publications

…and much more. Please view our presentation, or read the full plan.

To learn more about our initiatives, visit

Please help us spread the word by sharing this email with a friend or colleague. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, reply to this communiqué with the word “unsubscribe.”

Annonce relative à nos plans pour 2020

Le conseil d’administration de PCO a approuvé le plan opérationnel de CPO de 2020 lors de sa réunion du 6 janvier.


Nous poursuivrons notre travail visant à faire d’Ottawa une ville plus sûre en nous concentrant sur nos trois domaines prioritaires : la violence fondée sur le genre, les quartiers et les jeunes.

Au nombre des activités que nous avons planifiées, on compte :

–        la gestion de la stratégie d’Ottawa relative aux bandes de rue et à  la violence dans les rues, et la mise en œuvre de nos programmes actuels et des nouvelles recommandations;

–        l’appui des projets de quartiers (Overbrook et Centre-ville) qui font l’objet d’un nouveau financement;

–        la lutte contre les agressions sexuelles et la violence fondée sur le genre, grâce à des initiatives reposant sur des partenariats;

–        le partage de l’information et des résultats de nos recherches grâce à notre série de conférences, notre site Web et nos publications.

… et bien d’autres. Veuillez regarder notre présentation, ou lire le plan complet (en anglais seulement en raison du contenu technique).

Pour en savoir plus sur nos initiatives, consultez Prévention du crime Ottawa.

Veuillez partager ce courriel avec vos amis et collègues. Si vous ne voulez plus recevoir nos courriels, veuillez répondre avec le mot désabonnez.

Francine Demers
Administrative Assistant/Adjointe administrative
110 Laurier Avenue West/110, avenue Laurier Ouest
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1
613-580-2424, ext./poste 22454 – Fax/téléc.: 613-580-2593

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Proposed Roundabout Portobello and Valin open house Jan 16, 2020

Proposed roundabout at Portobello and Valin

Proposed roundabout at Portobello and Valin

The CCCA received the following information from the City of Ottawa.

The City of Ottawa invites residents to learn about the proposed roundabout at Portobello Boulevard and Valin Street.

Date & Time
Thursday, January 16, 2020,
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

South Fallingbrook Community Centre
998 Valin Street
Orleans, ON

At the Open House information will be provided on:

  1. Invite residents to learn about the proposed roundabout at Portobello Boulevard and Valin Street
  2. Provide answers to questions residents may have regarding why a roundabout has been selected

The Open House has been organized in the form of a drop-in session. The study team will be available to discuss the information provided on display boards and answer questions from the public.

For more information, please visit:

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