2022 CCCA Garage Sale – Vente de Garage 2022

The Cardinal Creek Garage Sale 2022 is on Saturday June 18, rain or shine, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Click for a map of Cardinal Creek.

La vente de garage de Cardinal Creek 2022 est le samedi 18 juin de 8h à 13h, beau temps, mauvais temps.

Le territoire desservi est indiqué sur cette carte.

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City Stream Watch welcoming volunteers – bénévoles recherchés

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) is looking for two types of volunteers at multiple City Streams including Cardinal Creek:

  1. Volunteer groups to participate in a variety of weekend cleanup activities in their neighborhood creek,
  2. Dedicated citizen scientists to assist with more technical creek monitoring activities.

Sign up on your own or form a team, and contact the RVCA directly!

See below for sign up and training instructions for the May 28 session. The RVCA is also happy to train volunteers throughout the summer.

City Stream Watch Coordinator
613-692-3571 ext. 1155

L’office de la protection de la nature de la vallée de la rivière Rideau est à la recherche de deux types de bénévoles pour ses programmes des cours d’eau municipaux incluant le Ruisseau Cardinal:

  1. Des groupes de bénévoles pour participer à une variété d’activités de nettoyage des cours d’eau de votre voisinage,
  2. Des équipes dédiées de citoyens scientifiques pour assister à des tâches plus techniques de surveillance et mesure des cours d’eau.

Inscrivez-vous en solo ou formez votre équipe, et contactez le RVCA directement!

Voir ci-dessous pour les inscriptions pour la session du 28 mai. Le RVCA est aussi heureuse de former des bénévoles tout au long de l’été.

Coordination de la Surveillance des Cours d’Eau Municipaux
613-692-3571 ext. 1155

OTTAWA, April 26, 2022 – Ready to make a splash as you help your local environment?

You’re in luck: after a two-year pause, the City Stream Watch program is finally back – with a lot of catching up to do.

The RVCA-led program has monitored Ottawa’s 25 urban and rural creeks and streams since 2003, relying on enthusiastic volunteers to help with annual garbage clean-ups, invasive species removals, fish and water sampling, habitat assessments and shoreline naturalization projects.

But all of that came to a grinding halt in the spring of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic limited RVCA’s ability to welcome volunteers to help conduct this crucial work.

Two years is a long time to go without any maintenance (remember your pandemic haircut!) and now RVCA is keen to catch up with as many volunteer clean-ups and monitoring sessions as possible throughout the warmer months.

Garbage clean-ups will be plentiful this season, according to RVCA aquatic biologist Jennifer Lamoureux. She said the city’s creeks are suffering from two years’ worth of trash that has blown in from nearby neighbourhoods and roads.

“These urban waterways need special attention to remain clean and healthy habitats for the many fish and other aquatic species that live there,” Lamoureux said. “Some of these areas are highly built up, so we need to ensure the habitat that exists is actually liveable for all of the fish, frogs, turtles and waterfowl that rely on it.”

Volunteer groups will be needed on a variety of weekends to help clean up their neighbourhood streams, from Nepean to Orleans to Barrhaven and everywhere in between.

As well, the program is seeking a team of dedicated citizen scientists who can help staff measure water temperatures, assess shoreline and instream habitat characteristics and monitor local fish populations. This work will be limited to four waterways across the city this year: Sawmill Creek in South Keys, Black Rapids Creek in Nepean, Cardinal Creek in Orleans and Barrhaven Creek in Barrhaven.

Monitoring efforts rotate annually between the 25 urban and rural streams, and this set hasn’t been monitored for more than six years. Volunteers will help staff collect this crucial data on dozens of sections of each stream between May and October.

Interested volunteers can sign up at www.rvca.ca/volunteer/city-stream-watch or email citystreamwatch@rvca.ca.

An orientation will take place May 28. RSVPs are required for all events.

About City Stream Watch:
The City Stream Watch Program is a community-based partnership which includes the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Heron Park Community Association, Ottawa Flyfishers Society, Rideau Roundtable, Canadian Forces Fish and Game Club, Ottawa Stewardship Council, City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission.
To read past monitoring reports visit www.rvca.ca/watershed-monitoring-reporting/reporting

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CCCA Board of Directors for 2022-2023

As of the AGM of May 12, 2022 the Board of Directors consists of:

  • President: (vacant)
  • Vice-president: Martin d’Anjou
  • Secretary: Sandra Khawam Ghawi
  • Treasurer: Naim Ghawi

The BoD will appoint an acting president at the next Board Meeting.

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CCCA Call for Nominations 2022 – ACCC Appel à nominations 2022

The Cardinal Creek Community Association (CCCA) is now accepting nominations for the following Class A (voting Directors) and B (non-voting Committee Directors) positions listed below. Nominations will be accepted by the nominations committee until 11:00 p.m. local time, May 5th, 2022.

Those persons interested in making our community a better place to live, please send your written nominations to the committee below.

If you have any questions about the positions, please send an email with your contact info and one of us will call you to discuss your interest in the CCCA Board of Director position.

The CCCA is located along the Trim Road corridor (east and west of Trim) from St. Joseph Blvd (north) to Innes Blvd (south). It is bounded by Cardinal Creek on its most easterly edge and Portobello and Varennes Blvds on its most western point. Trillium and Maple Ridge Elementary schools are within our boundaries. The CCCA neighborhoods are composed of many new and growing subdivisions and natural ravines and creeks. The Cardinal Creek Karst is a known geological feature in our community. See our map here.

Executive Class A Directors (current)

  • President – Sandra Stefanik
  • Vice-President – Martin d’Anjou
  • Secretary – Sandra Khawam
  • Treasurer – Naim Ghawi

Class B Director positions (current)

  • Communications/Media Relations
  • Website: Martin d’Anjou
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Community Events (Social)
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Infrastructure
  • Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
  • Youth Representative
  • Seniors Representative
  • School Outreach
  • Advertising, Sponsorship and Fund Raising

The CCCA Board of Directors has appointed a nominating committee composed of the following:

  • Sandra Stefanik – president@cardinalcreek.org
  • Naim Ghawi – treasurer@cardinalcreek.org

The AGM will stream live on Thursday May 12th from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. The link will be provided later. The nominating committee will accept any nominations for office endorsed by a member in good standing so long as the nominee consents to have the nomination stand. Nominations for directors will be accepted by the nominating committee until May 5th, 2022 and, for such vacancies as may remain, until and at the AGM as may be appropriate in the circumstances. If there are more nominations than positions, there will be a vote starting in alphabetical order of last name at the AGM.

L’Association Communautaire Cardinal Creek (ACCC) accepte présentement les nominations aux postes de Directeur de classe A (avec droit de vote au conseil) et Directeurs de comités de classe B (sans droit de vote au conseil), pour les postes listés ci-dessous. Les nominations seront acceptées par le comité de nomination jusqu’à 23h00 heure locale, le 5 mai 2022. Ceux et celles qui sont intéressés à faire de notre communauté un endroit où il fait bon vivre sont priés d’envoyer leur nomination par écrit aux membres du comité ci-dessous. Si vous avez des questions au sujet de ces postes, envoyez par courriel les informations pour vous contacter et nous vous appellerons pour discuter de votre intérêt pour un des postes à la direction.

L’ACCC est située le long du corridor du Chemin Trim entre le boulevard St-Joseph et le Chemin Innes. Elle est bordée à l’est par le ruisseau Cardinal et à l’ouest par la rue Varenne et le boulevard Portobello. Les écoles Trillium et Maple Ridge sont sur le territoire représenté par l’association. L’ACCC représente des quartiers nouveaux et en pleine croissance, comportant des ruisseaux et ravins naturels. Le Karst de Cardinal Creek est une formation géologique exceptionnelle de notre territoire. Notre carte est ici.

Directeurs Executifs Class A (présentement)

  • Président – Sandra Stefanik
  • Vice-Président – Martin d’Anjou
  • Secrétaire – Sandra Khawam
  • Trésorier – Naim Ghawi

Directeurs de comités classe B

  • Communications/Relations Média
  • Site Web: Martin d’Anjou
  • Environnement
  • Événements communautaires (Social)
  • Editeur à la Tribune
  • Infrastructure
  • Coordonateur au programme de surveillance de quartier
  • Représentant(e)s à la jeunesse
  • Représentant(e)s aux personnes âgées
  • Représentant(e)s aux écoles
  • Publicité, commandite et levées de fonds

Le conseil de direction de l’ACCC a formé un comité pour recevoir les nominations composées des personnes suivantes:

  • Sandra Stefanik – president@cardinalcreek.org
  • Naim Ghawi – treasurer@cardinalcreek.org

L’AGA sera diffusée en direct le jeudi 12 mai de 19h à 20h (le lien sera partagé à une date ultérieure). Le comité acceptera toute nomination endossée par un membre en règle tant et aussi longtemps que le candidat consent à être mis en nomination. Les nominations pour les postes de directeurs seront acceptés jusqu’àu 5 mai 2022, et pour les postes toujours non-comblés, les nominations seront acceptées jusqu’à l’AGA si les circonstances le permettent. S’il y avait plus de nominations que de postes à combler, un vote aura lieu par ordre alphabétique du nom de famille lors de l’AGA.

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Spring Cleanup Apr 24, 2022 – Nettoyage Printanier 24 Avril 2022

Thanks to everyone, you have made this a success. We had over 20 volunteers and collected lots of plastics and garbage! See the photo thread on facebook

This was our most successful event since the start of Covid!!! I cannot thank you enough!

Sunday April 24, 2022 10 a.m., we are organizing a community clean up day.  We invite you to come out with members of your family or social bubble to enjoy the outdoors while helping to keep your Cardinal Creek neighbourhood clean. Come out between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to the gazebo at the Cardinal Creek Community Park, 1825 Trim Road (location id 15 on the map below), to collect garbage bags.  All you have to do is pick the location you wish to clean, enjoy your company and some community spirit and return your garbage bags to the same location when you are done. Rain date is Saturday April 30.

You will find the most garbage near high traffic areas along Trim Road in the bushes, as well as in the wooded areas and in ravines adjacent to roads and paths. The paths themselves have some amount of garbage but not the most. Bagged dog poop continues to be a plague along walking paths.

The following is a map where garbage was spotted.

The colors mean:

  1. Green: easy to walk (easy for young children).
  2. Yellow: slopes and not a path, bushes.
  3. Red: wooded, slopes, near water.

Please respect personal choices regarding COVID-19 measures.

Please bring your masks with you to the gazebo.  If there is another group at the gazebo when you arrive, please keep your distance until they have moved away.

Coffee will be served.

We look forward to seeing you at the gazebo!

Dimanche le 24 avril 2022 de 10h à 14h, nous organisons un nettoyage dans le quartier. Nous vous invitons à venir avec votre famille ou les membres de votre bulle sociale profiter de l’extérieur pour aider à garder notre voisinage propre. Venez entre 9h et midi chercher sacs au gazebo du Parc Communautaire Cardinal Creek au 1825 Chemin Trim (marqueur #15 sur la carte). Choisissez un endroit à nettoyer, profitez de la compagnie et de l’esprit de communauté, puis rapportez vos sac au gazebo lorsque vous aurez terminé. Remis au 30 avril en case de pluie.

Vous trouverez de grandes quantités de déchets près des endroits très passants tels que les buissons et les ravins longeant le Chemin Trim. Les sentiers de marche ont aussi des déchets mais ce ne sont pas les endroits les plus sales. Les sacs de caca de chien continuent d’être un fléau à certains endroits.

Voici une carte identifiant plusieurs endroits à nettoyer.

Le code de couleurs signifie:

  1. Vert: facile (pour les plus jeunes)
  2. Jaune: pentes et herbes ou arbustes
  3. Rouge: couvert forestier, pentes, près d’un ruisseau ou près de l’eau

Respectez les choix personnels concernant la COVID-19.

N’oubliez pas de porter votre masque au gazebo. Si d’autres groupes sont présents en même temps que vous, prière de garder vos distances pour le respect de tous.

Du café sera servi.

Au plaisir de vous voir au gazebo!

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Volunteer opportunities at the Orléans Plasma Donor Center

A message from the Canadian Blood Services.

In anticipation of the opening of the Orleans Plasma Donor Centre, we are recruiting bilingual volunteers for in-centre activities and raising awareness about plasma.

To learn more:
David Thériault
Business development

Become a volunteer_ENG_Mar21
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Outdoor rinks 2021 / Patinoires extérieures 2021

Ice Rink VolunteerThe Cardinal Creek Community Association (CCCA) is looking for high school and college/ university student volunteers and paid rink attendants for this winter outdoor ice rink season at Cardinal Creek Park on Trim Road.  Volunteer hours will go towards high school credits. Responsibilities include preparing the base ice, clearing snow from rinks, monitoring the heated shed and rinks and flooding the rink.  Please join our community efforts this season.  Send your CV to: president@cardinalcreek.org

L’association communautaire Cardinal Creek est à la recherche d’étudiants de niveau secondaire, collégial ou universitaire pour des postes de bénévoles et des postes rémunérés pour opérer la patinoire extérieure du Parc Communautaire Cardinal Creek sur le chemin Trim. Les heures de bénévolat seront reconnues. Les responsabilités incluent la préparation de la base, le nettoyage de la patinoire après les chutes de neige, l’entretien et l’arrosage de la surface, et assurer un présence à la cabine chauffée. Joignez-vous à nous cette saison. Envoyez votre CV à president@cardinalcreek.org.

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2021 Garage Sale Saturday Aug 28 – Vente de Garage Samedi 28 Août

The Cardinal Creek Garage Sale 2021 is on Saturday August 28, rain or shine, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Click for a map of Cardinal Creek.

La vente de garage de Cardinal Creek 2021 est le samedi 28 août de 8h à 13h, beau temps, mauvais temps.

Le territoire desservi est indiqué sur cette carte.

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Stage 2 LRT – Notice of Closures

CCCA Residents, the City of Ottawa announces road closures in August due to Stage 2 LRT. We don’t post them all here, but this one appears to be major:

As part of the Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit (LRT) project motorists travelling Trim Road, and OR 174, should anticipate mobility impacts as crews work to realign Trim Road.

Our apologies for the delay in this public notice, we experienced late changes in the detour and start date.

Full closure of Trim Road between Jeanne D’Arc Boulevard and Old Montreal Road.

Monday August 2, 2021 as early as 9:00 pm to August 13, 2021 at 5:30 am.

Full closure of OR 174 WB Cameron Street to Tenth Line.

Thursday August 5, 2021 as early as 7:00 pm to August 9, 2021 at 5:30 am.

WHAT / WHERE:       
Full Closure OR 174 EB Trim Road to Cameron Street.

Thursday August 5, 2021 as early as 7:00 pm to August 9, 2021 at 5:30 am.

For more, see https://mailchi.mp/32a472faaa85/notice-of-closures?e=57fcfaf3b7


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Infrastructure investment in Cardinal Creek Park and Coyote Trail Park

We have received this important message from our Councillor’s office this morning. It brings clarification to the announcement made at the CCCA AGM. Here is the email:

Hello everyone,

At the Cardinal Creek Community Association Annual General Meeting of June 10th, 2021, I announced that Orléans was successful in its application for a share of federal infrastructure funding. I’d like to correct the announcement and tell you that the pathway directly behind Caprihani will not be paved. This was a mistake and I own it completely. The project description in the application was misleading and not accurate in describing the pathway that needs rehabilitation and improvement.

The pathway that will be rehabilitated is east of the waterway, between Cardinal Creek Park and Coyote Trail park. The photo below accurately showcases the location. It is a pathway I use often when I walk with Elliot and Norman, and I am familiar with its condition. It can use some love as it is in much worse shape than the rest of the network in the park. It’s location along the waterway presents unique challenges for construction, but that does not mean we will neglect its state and let it deteriorate further.

It is standard practice for staff from infrastructure, or parks or social services to submit applications on behalf of the City of Ottawa for Provincial and Federal funding programs, even if they include very short construction timelines, and even shorter application windows. In this case, the nearest street needed to be included for reference and did not consider the pathway that IS behind Caprihani. The process is not perfect and I have connected with them in the last few days to review and share learnings. As more information related to this project becomes available, I will be sharing with the community and community association.

Announcements like this one rarely creates unanimity. I know that there are some that will delight at this news and others that will be upset. I also know that this episode has caused frustration and panic. For those unhappy with this new development, I offer my sincere apologies.

We have been and will continue to be at our best for our community when we collaborate. In the last few days, I received correspondence that included heated rhetoric and veiled language. This is unnecessary. It will not deter me from working hard for you, using every tool made available to me, pursuing any opportunities to invest in our community. Dollars from all levels of government play a critical role in making Orléans a community to live, work, play and accessible for all.

I take away learnings from this experience. For me, it continues to reinforce the value of public meetings and consultation. Some of our best ideas and opportunities have been the result of getting our community together to look over some plans and give you the opportunity to engage with me, my team and city staff. We, as residents, know our communities best and together we can move forward. I wholeheartedly commit to holding these meetings in person as soon as it is safe to do so. I am reminded of how much we support each other, as well as how much more effective and productive we are as a team when we work together instead of against each other.

As always, I am here for you. You can reach me at this email, or via phone at 613-580-2471.

– Matt

Councillor Matt Luloff
Ward 1 – Orléans

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