O-Train Confederation Line Update Dec 31st, 2018

Construction Update

Construction activities will continue on the O-Train Line 1 over the holidays. As you make your way around the nation’s capital, please remember the guideway and stations remain active construction sites. For your safety, these sites continue to be closed to the public.

Our regular weekly updates will resume in the New Year. Until then, here are some notable 2018 milestones.

  • In April, we saw the first train movement on the western alignment.
  • Track installation was completed in May and the first coupled train began testing between the maintenance facility and Blair Station.
  • In June, Canada’s longest transit escalator was installed at Rideau Station.
  • The Overhead Catenary System (OCS) was completed in August.
  • In September, the first end-to-end train test took place.
  • The Booth Street cycling lanes were completed in October.
  • Installation of all fare gates and fare vending machines was completed in November.

Here some 2018 photos showcasing notable station progress. From all of us on the project, we would like to wish you a warm and safe holiday season.

Construction Update

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