Neighbourhood Watch Program

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Neighbourhood Watch Program

Please refer to the Ottawa Police Website for the official information regarding the Neighbourhood Watch Program.

Official launch

Official Launch by Mayor Jim Watson. Top row, left to right: Sergeant Moe Salehe, CCCA President Sean Crossan, Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Bob Monette, Councillor Stephen Blais, CCCA Treasurer Naim Ghawi. Bottom row: Constable Caroline Tessier, CCCA NWP Coordinators Neil Congdon and Geneviève Gaignery

The program was officially launched in Cardinal Creek by Mayor Jim Watson on September 8th at the CCCA Public Meeting. Approximately 50 residents attended the meeting. Click here for the minutes.

What is the neighbourhood Watch Program?

The Neighbourhood Watch Program (NWP) is a community-driven crime prevention program supported by the Ottawa Police Service to help neighbours watch out for neighbours. It helps deter crime by utilizing the vigilance of caring citizens and reduces vandalism, break-and-enters and various other criminal practices. It works by making people more aware of suspicious behaviours, more observant of their surroundings and better prepared to take appropriate measures or actions.

How does it work?

The idea behind the Neighbourhood Watch Program is simply to be a good neighbour. If you see something suspicious, you should report it to the authorities. The Neighbourhood Watch is the eyes and ears of your community when you might not be able to see what’s going on when you’re at work, gone on vacation or in the back yard working on the garden.

What’s involved once I sign up?

As a member: Simply keep an eye out for anything suspicious in your neighbourhood and around your home. If you see something strange or a possible crime, report it to the authorities when you see it. Afterwards, contact your NWP Block Captain and inform them of the event.

As a Block Captain: You will be responsible for approximately 10 homes, 5 on each side of your own. Members will report suspicious events to you and you will then report them to the NWP Coordinator after ensuring they have been reported to the police. It will be up to you to welcome new neighbours to the community and invite them to join the NWP. Also, you will need to keep an up to date list of watch members around you and distribute NWP information to them.

What it’s NOT
Common misconceptions tend to scare people away from joining. There are many things the NWP is not and will not require you to do. It is not a vigilante group. You will not be required to do walks or patrols to look for crimes. You will not be a required to make your house into a safe home where strangers will drop in if they need help (Block Parent Home). All you need to do to be a member is to be a good neighbour!


Your community needs YOU! Help make it safer. Talk with your neighbours and help promote a safer neighbourhood.

To join or to become a Block Captain, fill out the official sign up form and contact us by using the “Leave a Reply” box below.

For more information please contact Kenny Jamer, coordinator for East Village at
or Genevieve Gainery, coordinator for Springridge and Royal Ridge at

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