LRT Stage 2 update – Train Léger Phase 2

Following is an update from Councillor Matt Luloff on LRT stage 2:

This morning, I received an update on the Stage 2 LRT work in progress. As the new Jeanne d’Arc LRT station includes a redesign of the Jeanne d’Arc overpass, I’ve issued the following direction to staff:

Given that a fatal collision occurred on the slip lane and that the redesigned intersection will provide enhanced safety for pedestrians and those accessing transit on the bridge; would staff assess the prioritization of the improvements to the Jeanne d’Arc / 174 Overpass as part of the LRT Stage 2 construction with a view to beginning these improvements in spring 2020.

Orléans bénéficiera de 4 nouvelles stations du train léger dans la Phase 2. Je continue de travailler en étroite collaboration avec le personnel responsable pour assurer que le projet réponde au besoin de notre communauté.

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