Community Cleanup 2019 Pictures! Le Nettoyage de quartier 2019 en photos!

These pictures were taken during the community Cleanup 2019 on May 11. Ces photos ont été prise lors du nettoyage de quartier le 11 mai 2019.

As in the past years, the largest source of garbage is plastic bottles. Those should just be banned. Municipal water is simply the best. Buy a metal bottle and refill anywhere.

All the garbage you see on the dry grounds was picked up by a team of eight volunteers in two hours. Imagine what we could do together!

Volunteers in action! Nos bénévoles en action!

François and family at the Park.

City of Ottawa Councillor Matthew Luloff and Chief of Staff Michaël Srogosz-Bolduc.

Collected garbage between Caprihani and Heatherstone.



There is a floating barrier on the creek, it is usually clean up by the City once per year.

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