Board of Directors 2010

The following is the list of the Executive, Directors and Supporting Volunteer positions for 2010.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help make your community a better place, we are always looking for active volunteers to assist the association, especially in positions which are currently vacant.

Executive Committee / Comité exécutif
Executives Email   (
President Rachelle Cyr-Kelderman
(or )
Vice-President Peter Levick
(or )
Secretary Robert Lafortune
(or )
Treasurer Momeo Herwi
(or )
Board of Directors / Conseil d’administration
Directors Email  (
Communications Geneviève Binet
(or )
Webmaster Martin d’Anjou
(or )
Director Jean-François Claude
Director Dawolu (Olu) Saul
Director André Demers
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