We need your help on bicycle-related issues in your community.

To whom it may concern,

We need your help on bicycle-related issues in your community.
I am contacting your community association on behalf of the Citizens for Safe Cycling (CfSC) and its Advocacy Working Group (AWG). Among its many duties, the CfSC advises the City of Ottawa on bicycle safety, bicycle infrastructure, bike route planning, and associated issues. We are looking for the name of an individual (or individuals) within your community association, or friends of the association, who bicycle frequently in your area. This person would have two responsibilities:

  1. If the AWG is reviewing planned bike paths or road changes in your neighbourhood, we would contact your representative for local knowledge: who uses those routes, what are the alternatives, how does the community feel about the proposals, etc., and
  2. If your community is looking for advice on bicycle infrastructure or has concerns about bicycle safety, then we could get you in touch with the appropriate expert at CfSC.
Many associations have a “Traffic” or “Transportation” representative. This person’s coordinates could be useful to us, but we are seeking someone who is passionate about cycling in your neighbourhood. This may or may not be the transportation rep.
It is a great job. There are no meetings, no monthly emails, no standing requirements for this person. If the community needs help, or can provide help on an issue, then contact will be made. Most years, in most communities, there will be little need of such contact.
Please have your bicycle representative contact me directly at: donfugler@gmail.com. A phone number would be helpful as well.
Thank you for your consideration.
Don Fugler

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Geoheritage Day at the Cardinal Creek Karst – Sunday, October 16, 2016, from 10:00am to 3:00pm / Journée du patrimoine géologique au Karst de Cardinal Creek le dimanche, 16 octobre 2016, de 10h à 15h.

unnamed-2The Cardinal Creek Community Association wishes to bring awareness to the Cardinal Creek Karst (an underground cave system) in the east end of Orleans, and the work being done to protect it.

In the last 2 billion years the Ottawa Valley has been a huge mountain chain, a tropical beach, habitat for whales and buried under 2 kilometers of Ice!

Link to map: the Cardinal Creek Karst

Our community enjoys a rich natural environment and boasts a remarkable underground cave system. In 2009 the Province designated the southern portion of the Cardinal Creek Karst as an Earth Sciences Area of Natural Scientific Interest (ANSI). On October 16, join volunteers from Carleton University’s Earth Science Department and the Ottawa Gatineau Geoheritage Project to learn learn more about the karst and how geological processes have shaped our local landscape and provided resources for our use! The surroundings of the Karst will be open to the public for this event.

Once again this year, we invite you to come out and see where the rocks in your backyard fit in!

Traveling east on 174 towards Orleans/Rockland, turn right/south on Trim Road and continue up to the top of the hill (to the first set of traffic lights). Turn left on Watters Road and continue just past where the road turns to gravel.

The Carleton University Earth Science Department also invites you to visit the other participating locations.


Journée d’exploration du patrimoine géologique au Karst de Cardinal Creek le dimanche, 16 octobre 2016, de 10h à 15h.

unnamed-2L’Association Communautaire de Cardinal Creek voudrait vous faire part du travail fait pour protéger le Karst de Cardinal Creek (un système de grottes souterraines) situé dans l’est d’Orléans.

Pendant 2 milliards d’années, la vallée de l’Outaouais a subi plusieurs changements: une chaine de montagnes transformée en une plage tropicale puis en un habitat de baleines, tout cela étant maintenant enterré sous 2 kilomètres de glace!

Notre communauté jouit du riche environnement naturel qui l’entoure en possédant un système de grottes souterraines impressionnant. En 2009, la portion sud du Karst de Cardinal Creek a été nommée par la province une Zone d’Intérêt Naturel et Scientifique pour les Sciences de la Terre. Le 16 octobre vous êtes invités à rejoindre les bénévoles du département des Sciences de la Terre de l’Université Carleton ainsi que l’équipe du projet Géopatrimoine d’Ottawa Gatineau, pour prendre connaissance du Karst et les processus géologiques qui ont formé ce paysage local. Les environs du Karst seront ouverts au public à l’ occasion de cet évènement.

Nous vous invitons, encore une fois cette année, à la découverte et à connaitre l’origine des roches dans votre jardin!

Lien vers la carte du Karst de Cardinal Creek

Prennez la direction Est sur l’autoroute 174 vers Orléans/Rockland, tournez à droite/vers le sud sur le chemin Trim et continuez tout en haut de la colline (au premiere feu de circulation). Tournez à gauche sur le chemin Watters. La grotte est située au sud du chemin Watters juste après être arrivé à la partie de la route en gravier.

Le département des Sciences de la Terre de l’Université Carleton vous invite aussi à visiter d’autres sites participant à la journée du Géopatrimoine.

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YAC Recruitment | Deadline is October 14th 2016

On behalf of our Youth Section. Please share widely. 

Please reply to contact below.

Deadline is October 14thYAC Recruitment


Continue reading

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Invitation – Celebrating Multicultaralism in Orléans | Invitation – Célébrer le multicultaralism à Orléans

lalonde_meet-your-neighbours-eventGood afternoon/ Bonjour,

Please feel free to circulate this invitation!

MPP Marie-France Lalonde invites you to her Meet your neighbours” event;

an opportunity to celebrate multiculturalism, and the diversity of Orléans.

 When: Saturday, October 8th 2016, from 2 to 4  pm

 Where: Rendez-vous des aînés francophones d’Ottawa (RAFO) – 3349 Navan Rd, Ottawa K4B 1H9

For information: 613-834-8679 | mflalonde.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Please RSVP before October 3rd Continue reading

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MPP Marie-France Lalonde invites you to her Annual Community Corn Roast and BBQ | La députée provinciale Marie-France Lalonde vous invite à son Épluchette de blé d’inde et BBQ communautaire

MPP Marie-France Lalonde invites you to her

Annual Community Corn Roast and BBQ

Children’s activities and fun for the whole family!

Thursday, August 25th 2016, from 6 to 9 pm at Petrie Island

For information

613-834-8679 | mflalonde.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Please RSVP before August 19th  Continue reading

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Orleans Health Hub Receives $5M Investment

News Release

Ontario Investing Over $5 Million for New Health Hub in Orléans

Province Putting Patients First Through Improving Access to Community Health Services

As part of the province’s $51.8 billion investment in health care this year, Ontario is Continue reading

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Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) undertaking reviews to examine student learning and pupil accommodation – public consultation dates to be announced.

OCDSB Letter to community Associations 8 July 2016


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Welcome to Summer in Cardinal Creek at Petrie Island! / Bienvenue à l’été à Cardinal Creek à l’Ile Petrie!

Welcome to Summer in Cardinal Creek at Petrie Island!

The CCCA is pleased to invite you to “Welcome to Summer in Cardinal Creek” at Petrie Island (at and around Banana’s Bar and Grill) on Thursday, June 16 from 5 to 9 p.m. Please join us for a fun, relaxed and casual Cardinal Creek family gathering on the beach at one of Orleans gems – Petrie Island.  Activities will include:

  • Children’s games & prizes
  • Door prizes
  • Ride in a “war canoe” with the Petrie Island Canoe and Kayak Club
  • Music by the Opus Music Academy band
  • DJ offered by Banana’s Bar and Grill
  • Dinner at Banana’s Bar and Grill (pay your way) – We are also pleased to support a great local business!
  • or participate in the Cardinal Creek Children’s Garden potluck dinner

Rain date: Friday, June 17.

The Orleans Chamber of Commerce and Heart of Orleans BIA members and families are Continue reading

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New Pedestrian Crossovers in Ottawa / Nouveau passages pour piétons en Ottawa

La version francaise suite:



The City of Ottawa is contacting you as stakeholder associated with the use of the City’s road network. With recent Ontario Highway Traffic Act changes there are items that will have an effect on how you or your organization or members will use area roads. Being aware of these changes and responsible for the resulting actions is the responsibility of all road users.

On May 24th, the City of Ottawa will begin an education and awareness campaign to highlight the new Pedestrian Crossovers coming to Ottawa in June of this year.   We would appreciate your help in sharing this information with your Continue reading

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Notice of Completion of Environmental Study Report -Ottawa Road 174/Prescott-Russell County Road 17/Avis d’achèvement du rapport d’étude environnementale Route 174 d’Ottawa et route 17 du comté de Prescott-Russell

The Notice of Completion of the Environmental Study Report (ESR) for improvements to Ottawa Road 174 / Prescott-Russell County Road 17 is attached.

The Recommended Plan includes:

  • widening OR 174 to 3 lanes in each direction between Highway 417 and Trim Road;
  • widening OR 174 to 2 lanes in each direction between Trim Road and Canaan Road;
  • widening CR 17 to 2 lanes in each direction between Canaan Road and Landry Road;
  • installation of medians throughout;
  • intersection improvements;
  • drainage improvements, including culvert replacements;
  • addition of service roads/consolidated driveways where feasible; and,
  • urban design features in Cumberland Village and urban Rockland with adjacent multi-use pathways.

As noted in the notice, the ESR is now available for Continue reading

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